24 de Fevereiro ​​de​ ​2021 ​|​ ​18h00​ [UTC] ​|​ ​plataforma Zoom [sessão em inglês]


February 24th, 2021 | 18h00 [UTC] via Zoom [session to be held in English]

Invited speaker:
Aydan Aghabayli [Politecnico di Milano]

Master of architecture with experience in research, architectural design and computation. Worked as a research assistant in Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Institute of Art and Architecture and in several architectural offices in Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Finished Master Degree in the Faculty of Architecture University of Lisbon, with final research topic “A Parametric Envision of Portuguese and Azerbaijan Islamic Geometric Patterns” where the Islamic Geometry was analyzed in terms of parametric rules and investigated the possibilities of creating a parametric pattern.

Currently obtaining my second specialized Master degree in BIM in Politecnico di Milano and continuing research on the link of architectural heritage to computation.

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